We don’t live at the North Pole, but we do live in Wisconsin (close enough!) and similar to Buddy the Elf, syrup is pretty much a food group around here for my three constantly starving teenagers. They require PURE and preferably light amber syrup for their never ending piles of waffles, egg sammies, pancakes, and corn muffins. So when I found out my old school friend started selling real maple syrup, we immediately bought a case and it did not disappoint! Beach Brothers Maple Syrup for the win! (Also, my beach bum youngest swears he can hear the Hawaiian waves when he holds the bottle up to his ear.).

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Abby Hartwig Jakowski
Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin

Warning–once you try REAL maple syrup, there is no going back. I love breakfast. Breakfast for breakfast and breakfast for dinner, also known in the midwest as "brinner". As a result, we eat a lot of pancakes and waffles. This is the only syrup served in our house. This is my preference, BUT this is a necessity for my three sons. They've tasted the real stuff and have memorized this bottle. They know the other stuff is not harvested from a tree and honestly I feel better eating and serving the real stuff instead of a bunch of fake stuff.

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Heidi Parker 
Sierra Madre, California 

I love maple syrup, but I have to say that Beach Brothers Maple Syrup is really the best I’ve ever had. I was so excited when I discovered that it is now sold in two businesses in my small town! I not only put it on my waffles and pancakes, but use it when making my homemade orange sauce. Yummy!


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Nancy Clarke
Pontiac IL