About Us

More than just business partners...

Beach Brothers Maple Syrup has been a longtime Dream of Matt Duffy & Cliff John. They wanted to share something positive and good with the world so that they could become better friends and business partners. Both of them have been long time Entrepreneurs working on different projects. But it was time to collaborate on an idea that just made sense. Who doesn’t love Pancakes or Maple Syrup. With Cliff living in Canada and having access to one of the best Maple Syrup Production Centers in the world, and Matt living in Hawaii, one of the most beautiful and sought after travel destinations in the world and home to some of the best pancakes and breakfast culture, it seemed like a no brainer. It was a match made in Paradise.

Matt & Cliff met while living in Osaka, Japan. They were both DJs that threw eclectic parties. Cliff had lived there a few years longer than Matt and really made a name for himself in the scene. Matt has a taste for Gorilla Marketing and had made some wild flyers the likes of no one else had ever seen. It caused a bit of a buzz even before anyone had seen him DJ. Cliff was like who the hell is this guy and went to see him play and they soon became quick friends and started throwing parties together. Besides Deejaying, they were lucky enough to travel around Japan and share many exciting adventures and stories. From Spelunking, Visiting Roosters with the Worlds Longest tails, and drinking a bit of Tequila along the way.

They have stayed great friends after leaving Japan. Cliff moving back to Canada and Matt moving to Hawaii. So always thinking of new ideas to hang out more, the Maple Syrup business seemed like the right choice. Cliff loves Hawaii just as much as Matt and has continued to visit almost every year after leaving Osaka. That is how they became Beach Brothers. They are expanding to Hawaii, Japan, and eventually the World.